Image of the week
Image of the week


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  • 06.04.04 - Stuff, Journey to Atlantis, Cirque de la Mer and more.
  • 05.01.04 - JTA construction and testing plus summer prep
  • 04.25.04 - JTA constructon and other hapenings around the park, preperation for Summer.
  • 04.17.04 - JTA constructon, and much more at Calypos Island and aroud the park
  • 03.23.04 - Video ofJTA Testing, SW is now testing the ride and here is the exclusive first video! and More photos of the other construction.
  • 03.23.04 - JTA Testing, SW is now testing the ride and here is the exclusive first shot.
  • 03.19.04 - Happy 40th Birthday Sea World San Diego! Plus JTA construction.
  • 03.13.04 - JTA construction, Lots of theme construction occuring, a must look, restruant construction moving quick.
  • 02.26.04 - JTA construction, Trees on site and some painting
  • 02.16.04 - JTA construction, On with the details... and stuff
  • 02.08.04 - JTA construction, continuation with shots of the main plaza
  • 02.07.04 - JTA constructon, more construction pictures
  • 01.30.03 - JTA construction, things look real good now!
  • 01.26.03 - Sea World Orlando photo gallery
  • 12.13.03 - JTA construction, The drop out of the North Tower is complete, and the Main Towers paint job is nearing completion.
  • 12.03.03 - JTA construction, North tower painting nears completion, exterior work continues on the main tower.
  • 11.15.03 - JTA construction, Boats, the boats have arived and the North tower is looking styling.
  • 11.02.03 - JTA construction, fires under control construction continues most noteably is the fact that the dome is on top of the main tower.
  • 10.21.03 - JTA construction, the North tower is nearly complete and other misc. construction around JTA and the park.
  • 09.27.03 - JTA construction, the U-turn out of the elevator is 3/4 complete.
  • 09.25.03 - JTA construction, coaster track has been hung
  • 09.18.03 - JTA construction the first dome is up and the supports at the turnaround are in place
  • 09.11.03 - JTA construction, lifthill, first drop, and event preperation
  • 08.24.03 - JTA consturction, green is gone & there is lots of other stuff
  • 08.12.03 - JTA construction, the lift hill supports are now in place
  • 08.08.03 - JTA construction, keeping the north tower warm & the park pretty
  • 07.25.03 - JTA construction, lets stare at the new stairs and more
  • 07.18.03 - JTA construction, the "elevator shaft" has started to go in and the domes are comming together
  • 07.05.03 - JTA constructon, just a little post 4th update, my how the towers have grown.
  • 07.01.03 - JTA constructon, TRACK HAS ARIVED!!
  • 06.28.03 - JTA construction, continuing footage of the construction site and ride suppourts have arrived.
  • 06.27.03 - JTA constructon, work has begun on the main tower.
  • 06.21.03 - SW is flying now, the second tower is already up and more pices of the structure and ride are showing up.
  • 06.14.03 - The first of the JTA towers has gone vertical construction is really moving along.
  • 03.30.03 - Cement has been poured on the rides turn-aroud.
  • 03.15.03 - The first of the footers has been poured.
  • 02.08.03 - JTA and the Ed. Center are coming along nicely. Take a Look.
  • 01.25.03 - The entire construction site is one giant lake, just don't go swiming in it.
  • 01.30.03 - JTA and Ed Center constructio
  • 12.08.02 - JTA's area is now flat dirt as is the Ed Center don't trust me well. Take a look.
  • 11.24.02 - On top of the situation I have brought you pictures what has changed in the park over the past week.


Quick JTA Stats

  • Total height: 95ft
  • Elevator height: 70ft
  • Dolphin pool size: 130,000 gallons
  • Total area of completed attraction: 5.5 acres
  • Estimated cost: $30 million
  • Number of boats: 20
  • Number of seats per boat: 8
  • Ride Manufactor: Mack Rides

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