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You have found my special page.
This page is in dedication to my obsession...


As you can see I can be a bit of a monster

From top left clockwise:

Howl-oween 1999, Biker Demon 2000, me with Seaside ghoul @TOTD 2001,

me with Black Widows @TOTD 2001, On the prowl in 2001, Close-up

For the past half decade or so I have been sliding in the private sector. Building my first flying crank ghost at the age a seven I knew that there would be a place for me in the future as a haunter. My professional background is in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering thus allowing me to create more elaborate scares year after year, keeping the public coming back.

In 1984 I was taken to my first theme park haunt, Knott's Scary Farm. If you know nothing about the "haunt" you don't know what Halloween is all about. To my enjoyment we explored all the mazes and scare zones thorough the park -on a side note this was the first and last year that they hung a witch- with scares coming from all sides screams of frightened teens cutting through the fog... I was hooked.

When Sea World San Diego first held their first night open to the annual passmembers I knew that they had something here. The smell of the fog, the screams of terror and delight of the frightened, this is what brought me back almost every weekend night in October and this site to you.