Journey to Atlantis Construction

Nov. 07, 2003

    Welcome Back. Yea, it's been awhile since the last update. This update is actualy 3 sections, covering a span of about 3 weeks.
  • 1st_section: The first 22 images were of JTA's progress before the SoCal fires. At this point ride equipment was placed on top of the main tower.
  • Note: For a week Sea World was closed to the public due to the fires. Not much happened to JTA during this time. As a side note the first Tuesday the fires were burning I went by the tower, couldn't hardly see it form a few hundred yards away through the smoke.
  • 2nd_section: After the dark week construction continued on JTA and the reastraunt. The best part is the addition of the dome on top of the main tower.
  • 3rd_section: The smallest section of only 4 images is that of the restruant... that all!

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This is no longer the most current update, previous construction updates and the most current can be found in the